Over the last 10 years, our team has helped business owners like you sell their small or mid-sized businesses. We focus on selling businesses in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. areas, but do also represent well fitting clients across the U.S.

No two businesses are alike. When considering selling your business, you should contact a specialist. Selling your business may be the result of a life’s work and making a mistake can have significant implications. Our process always starts with a casual, confidential, no obligation conversation to best assess how and if we can support your business sale.

Connecting with DC Business Broker, Inc. ensures that you have the proper insight into selling your Maryland, Virginia or Washington D.C. based business.

Do I Really NEED A BUSINESS BROKER? Things to Consider:

  • Confidentiality.
  • Value maximization.
  • Professional representation – just like your CPA, lawyer or accountant.
  • The process is complex. Don’t do it alone.
  • Time. Who will run your business if you are trying to sell it.

Why work with us?

Our clients often see quicker results in the sale of their businesses over working with our competition due to our active representation approach and large buyer pool. We offer competitive costing while providing a hands-on principal lead service. Our service and dedication is your guarantee. If you are ready to sell your business, we are ready to sell it at the highest value possible

We are recommended by many satisfied clients across the U.S.

Global markets businesses across many industries and professions. We have the expertise to sell your Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.  business at the highest value in the quickest period of time. We will market your business via the Internet, print media, direct mail and by directly contacting industry leaders who may have an interest in acquiring your business. And confidentiality will always be Number 1  priority. Only after we have established significant interest, financial ability and a non-disclosure agreement will we introduce you to a prospective and qualified buyer. If you are selling a business in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC, contact us today.

Not sure if now is the best time to sell?

We recommend our potential clients start by truly understanding the value of their business and their financial needs after a possible exit before committing to sell. Through a relationship with the professional business exit planners at Prize Performance our team can connect you with impartial, professional exit planners to best help you understand the potential value of your business and how they meet your personal needs.  Having a qualified business broker is only one piece of the puzzle, having an exit plan prepared prior or during the sale of your business can significantly reduce issues post sale and will ensure you fully understand the impact of your business’s potential sale.

Put Our Experience and Expertise to Work for You.